Who am I?

The only thing that can be accurately said about this information is that it's out of date. Once I was a graduate student at Insitute of Astronomy, Cambridge (perhaps I still am) and before that at Columbia University.

I work on many things - physics and astrophysics (day job), chaos theory and statistics (dusk job) and mathematical models for learning and transferring ideas (at night).

My interests

Galaxy evolution

How do galaxies grow, move and interact? I've focused on the recent life of massive galaxies, and how a history of collisions and accretion lead to them losing their spin.


An orbit is a beautiful thing, a hundred are not. Perplexingly a million might be. I'm interested in going from the mapped motion of a single point to the swelled tide of an ensemble to make sense of the cavorting motions of stars and galaxies.

Cosmological simulations

For all that is too big, too small, too fast or too slow to observe, why not just make it up ourselves? I've worked both building and analysing grand-scale simulations like Illustris and Enzo

Pencil and paper astronomy

It's a lofty dream, but I aim to spend as much time scribbling on the back of envelopes as possible.